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T.C.E. Concrete Equipment

Demolition Saw

Demo Saw  Husqvarna K750

Specifications:  Air Cooled 2 Stroke 74 cc Engine, 5 HP, 14" Diamond or Abrasive Blade, 5" Cutting Depth, 21.4 lb Operating Weight
Product Description The Husqvarna K750 is one of the best cut off saws on the market
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Walk Behind Saws

MG 8 Saw Target MC 18 * Target PAC IV Self Propelled * Target MG8 Saw

All Walk Behind Saws feature Honda Engines & Water Hookups, MG8 Series feature extreme light weight with 8" blade for green concrete, MC 18 series is most common for most applications, PAC IV can carry up to 18" Diamond Blade for larger applications
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Georgia Buggy

Georgia Buggy  Ingersoll Rand PB16P

Georgia Buggies feature 13HP Honda engines, Foam filled Tires, & Ride On Stand
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Mortar Mixer & Concrete Mixer

Mortar Mixer  MBW MM60 Mortar Mixer & MBW CM6 Concrete Mixer

MBW Mortar Mixers feature 5.5HP Honda Engine & 6.0 cubic feet batch capacity (1.5 - 2 Bags)
MBW CM6 Concrete Mixers feature 5.5 HP Honda Engine & 6 cubic feet batch capacity (.5 - 1 Bag)
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Trowel Machine

Trowel  Husqvarna or Bartell 46" & 36" Trowel & Bartell 24" Edger

Trowel Machines Feature Honda Engines, Standard Combination or Finishing Blades, & Heavy Duty Gear Box
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Concrete Vibrators

Concrete Vibrator  Oztec Gasoline Backpack Vibrator & Oztec Hand Held Electric Vibrator

Oztec Concrete Vibrators feature a variety of lengths & head diameters.  The Electric is available with a 1.2 or 2.4 HP Motor.
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Concrete Grinder

Teq Grinder  Diteq TEQ-Edge  Grinder

Ideal for removing paint, epoxy, thin set, and adhesives, repairing damaged or uneven concrete, & grinding high or uneven joints

Teq Grinder features an 8" Diamond Head, vacuum & water connection, & 2 HP Electric Motor which plugs into a standard outlet.
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Core Drills

Core Drill  Diteq Or Husqvarna Core Drill

Core Drills are available in Hand Held, Tower with Bolt On Foot Plate, or Tower with Vacuum Pad Attachment.  We stock 3/4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, & 12" Bits in House.  We can order other sizes. 
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Laser Levels

Laser Level  CST/Berger LMH-C

The LMH-C is a Self-leveling Single-beam Rotary Laser.  It features and anti-drift system, low battery indicator, a 2,000' diameter range, with an accuracy of +/-3/32" @ 100'. 

TCE also carries a variety of site levels, measuring tapes & wheels, tripods, and pipe leveling equipment.
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The above Items represent the most popular items in a category.  If you do not see the tools you need on this web site, please call and our customer service representatives will do our best to help you find what you need.