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Bud's Corner:


 As it turns out, running a business and growing a family have taken precedent over updating our website. Although I have learned to facebook, blog, and even twitter (in some strange attempt to appear relevant) in my estimation never before have so many people had so little to say and so many venues with which to say it. Although we certainly aren't immune to a down economy, I can't help but feel blessed by our many repeat customers who seem to go out of their way to rent/buy from the Pettys. From my perch in West Nashville, I see a lot of discouragement about everything from gas prices to government bailouts. While these things are definately taxing, I am encouraged by the American Spirit of pressing forword. I don't believe the government can fix all of our problems, but I do believe that true grit and character come from being challenged. It is my prayer that Americans will rise to the occasion. May the Lord bless our country and bind us together for good in 2011.


 I had the good fortune of being able to grow up in a family business. From the time I was 8 years old, my dad started bringing me to work with him in the summers. He and my Uncle Ted started a rental business in 1984 with little more than their small farms for collateral, hard work, and a dream. With family and workers that might as well have been family, they built their business the old fashion way. They simply worked hard and treated people right. At the same time they taught many of their own children, nieces, and nephews the value of working. They didn't allow us to be arrogant, and demanded that we do all kinds of different tasks. Being the bosses son carried no "get out of jail free" cards, in fact, quite the opposite. The business grew to seven locations in the middle Tennessee area and it was a great time.  It seemed all of Nashville was growing stronger. I have often heard my dad say that he and my uncle had really lived "the American dream."


I continued working and learning through high school and college. A week before I graduated from college, my dad and uncle called me into my dad's office to talk.  Shortly after that, we sold our business to a conglomerate of rental companies that had the idea of taking the rental business public.  It wasn't a bad idea in theory, but unfortunately their efforts, like so many things in corporate America, were built on image rather than substance.  The next few months were painful for me and my family, but the life lessons I learned along the way were extremely beneficial. Hardly any of my family lasted in the corporate environment.  I took a great job that I really loved with a large construction company for a few years, and then a smaller one for a year, and eventually landed right back into the second rental business my dad and uncle started - Tennessee Contractors Equipment. My uncle Ted has since retired from the business, but I continue to plot and work alongside my dad everyday. Somedays are hard and long, but I wouldn't trade anything for being able to look back at the time he and I spent together using the meager talents the Lord has blessed us with and building relationships with sometimes unknowing people who just happened to come our way. My oldest son just turned four years old, and already he looks forward to coming to help granddaddy and daddy on Saturday mornings. Although the rental industry has changed immensely and the Nashville construction market is in a horrendous down turn, even now I am happy that the Lord has afforded us to be in this together and that we have so many things to be thankful for.


May you and your family have a blessed 2010.